How High is Your Physical Intelligence?

Physical intelligence is concerned with how different elements of our environment interact with our senses to influence or distort our perceptions, judgments, and emotions, affecting our behaviours. In her excellent book ‘Sensation’, Thalma Lobel has neatly summarised all of the important findings accumulated so far in the emerging field of physical intelligence, or ‘embodied cognition’.Continue reading “How High is Your Physical Intelligence?”

Dealing With Toxic People

What is a “toxic” person? Sometimes in life, we come across people who defy our natural belief systems about how people “should be”. For example, while we assume that most people follow the golden rule of “treat others the way that you would like to be treated”, there are definitely some individuals who are not guidedContinue reading “Dealing With Toxic People”

What Are the Secrets to Long-term Happiness, Health and Wellbeing?

Recently I’ve begun taking an interest in a field called public health. The World Health Organisation has defined public health as: “The art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts of society” — Acheson, 1988 As time has gone on, there have been some studies that have helped publicContinue reading “What Are the Secrets to Long-term Happiness, Health and Wellbeing?”

Can Psychologists and Psychics Read Minds?

When I tell people that I am a clinical psychologist, people often ask, “Are you reading my mind right now?” The interesting thing about the question is that it really isn’t what psychologists do. Sure, I can pick up on other people’s emotions much more than I could before I started clinical work. I’ve alsoContinue reading “Can Psychologists and Psychics Read Minds?”

6 Thinking Traps That We All Fall Into

Snow in Las Vegas — I never thought that could happen! But it did, in December 2008, when I took this photo. Luckily an American friend warned me how cold it could get in the winter. Otherwise, I would have expected it to be hot, just like the other two times I had previously been there. AfterContinue reading “6 Thinking Traps That We All Fall Into”