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The Deliberately Better Podcast interviews several people about how they have successfully dealt with certain challenges in their lives. Other experts are consulted on how they would recommend overcoming common mental and physical health difficulties.

Clinical Psychologist Dr Damon Ashworth and Osteopath Dr James Gillard also set monthly challenges for themselves. They aim to apply the Deliberately Better ten-step process to improve a specific area or thing in their lives.


Episode 1: Deliberately Better Challenge One – Sleep and Meditation

Episode 2: Neuropsychology and Brain Injury

Episode 3: Crashing Into Potential

Episode 4: Living With Cancer

Episode 5: Bodybuilding and Working Out

Episode 6: Trauma, PTSD and Recommended Treatments

Episode 7: Deliberately Better Challenge Two – Recap on Meditation and Sleep and Goal Setting for Hand Stands and Lowering Blood Pressure

Episode 8: How to Look After Yourself During Isolation

Episode 9: How to Approach Public Speaking

Episode 10: Autism, ADHD and the NDIS

Episode 11: Working With Mental Health Professionals and Developing Passive Income Streams

Episode 12: Deliberately Better Challenge Three – Recap on Handstands and Lowering Blood Pressure and Goal Setting for Reading More Books and Knee Rehabilitation

Episode 13: Everything You Need to Know About Blood Pressure

Episode 14: Strategies to Best Change Habits

Episode 15: SMART Goals and the Importance of Tracking Progress Over Time

Episode 16: Deliberately Better Challenge Four – Recap on Reading More Books and Knee Habilitation and Goal Setting on the Wim Hof Method and Eating Healthier

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