The Deliberately Better Podcast

The Deliberately Better podcast aims to teach people the ten-step process required to improve any skill. It will focus mostly on how people can improve different aspects of their physical and mental health. The steps are as follows:

Step #1 – SET YOUR INTENTION: Figure out which skill you would most like to learn that you would be willing to spend 20 hours of deliberate practice learning. 

Step #2 – SEEK OUT AN EXPERT: Find an expert in this skill who has done what you would like to do or has helped at least five other people to do what you want to do. 

Step #3 – FIGURE OUT THE BEST STRATEGY: Find out from the expert how to deconstruct this skill, and figure out which sub-skills are likely to give you the most significant improvements in the shortest time. 

Step #4 – DEVELOP YOUR PERSONALISED PLAN: Based on what the expert recommends, determine which sub-skills or strategies you should try first. Also, find out what the minimal effective dose is with these strategies to obtain the results you want to achieve. 

Step #5 – BASELINE ASSESSMENT: Obtain baseline data of where you are at with the overall skill and your targets for improvement. Also, obtain baseline measurements of anything else that you would like to improve but are not targeting directly.

Step #6 – IMPLEMENT YOUR PLAN: Deliberately practice and try to improve your skill for at least 20 hours. 

Step #7 – TROUBLESHOOTING: If things do not progress as you had hoped, make sure you have a plan to address the problem. 

Step #8 – POST INTERVENTION ASSESSMENT: Conduct a final assessment to measure how much you have improved. You will find out how much your skills have improved since your starting point (Step #5) and the impact that this has had. 

Step #9 – RELAPSE PREVENTION: Identify the primary triggers and traps that could lead to this skill getting worse for you in the future. Then reflect on the strategies that helped you to break out of these negative cycles in the past. 

STEP #10 – ONGOING SELF-MANAGEMENT PLAN: Finally, determine which strategies are going to help you to maintain the skills you have learnt. 

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