To check out the episodes of Dr Damon Ashworth and Dr Angelina Mirabito’s new podcast series ‘Afraid to Say It!’, please click on the following links:

Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 2: Trauma Part I: Re-experiencing and Avoidance Symptoms and How to Manage Them

Episode 3: Trauma Part II: Emotional Numbing and Hyper-arousal Symptoms and How to Manage Them

Episode 4: Suicide Part I: The Facts About Suicide, Why It Occurs, and How to Manage Suicidal Ideation

Episode 5: Suicide Part II: Acceptance, Self-Compassion and Gratitude

Episode 6: Silence: The Benefits and Limitations of Silence in Our Lives

Episode 7: To Have Children or Not?

Episode 8: Eating Disorders

Episode 9: Brain Injury: A Neuropsychologist’s Perspective

Episode 10: Traumatic Brain Injury: A Patient’s Perspective

Episode 11: Perpetrators: Does Remaining Silent About Abuse Protect the Victims or the Perpetrators?

Episode 12: Cancer: What’s it Like Living With Cancer and How Can We Best Support People Who Have Been Diagnosed With Cancer?

Episode 13: Alcohol: The Debilitating Consequences of Alcoholism, and How It Can Be Treated

Episode 14: Body Image: Societal Pressures, Personal Experiences, and What People Can Do

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