Money and Happiness: How to spend for optimal benefits

Not all the best things in life are free. I was on holiday in Queenstown, New Zealand, back in 2016 and was amazed at how beautiful the scenery was. I was also amazed by how many experiences were on offer for people visiting or living there. On my first day in Queenstown, I walked intoContinue reading “Money and Happiness: How to spend for optimal benefits”

7 Life Lessons That We Can Learn From Hollywood Movies

I recently read a book titled ‘Writing Screenplays that Sell’ by Michael Hauge and was fascinated to see how psychologically informed screenwriters create engaging stories with meaningful plots and entertaining characters. Although Hollywood sometimes gets bad press for promoting materialistic and unrealistic goals for the audience, I do believe that we can learn some valuableContinue reading “7 Life Lessons That We Can Learn From Hollywood Movies”

The Need to Belong

Historically Before the industrial revolution, humans lived in small groups that they were born into and had minimal interaction outside these groups for the duration of their lives. Because humans were not great at surviving in the wild, we used our frontal lobes, communication skills and opposable thumbs to work together to build villages andContinue reading “The Need to Belong”

6 Thinking Traps That We All Fall Into

Snow in Las Vegas — I never thought that could happen! But it did, in December 2008, when I took this photo. Luckily an American friend warned me how cold it could get in the winter. Otherwise, I would have expected it to be hot, just like the other two times I had previously been there. AfterContinue reading “6 Thinking Traps That We All Fall Into”