I believe that mental health is a fundamental human right.

I believe that more needs to be done to empower people so that they are able to sustainably look after themselves and continue to grow into the future.

I want to empower people by sharing what I’ve learnt as a Clinical Psychologist, and how I apply this knowledge to build skills, think helpfully and make long-lasting behavioural changes.

I want people to know that they too can learn how to flourish.

The knowledge and skills that I share will be based on both personal experience and the latest empirical findings from the fields of psychology, medicine, marketing, neuroscience and behavioural economics.

All information will be presented in ways that are hopefully easy to understand, easy to apply, and possible to use on a regular basis as part of a sustainable and thriving lifestyle.

Welcome to my site. I hope that you enjoy your time here, and find many things that add value to your life!

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