33 Thoughts About Turning 33

This will be an unfiltered post. No thinking things through. No edits. Just reflections on life, age, and anything else that pops into my head. Here goes nothing:

  1. Turning 33 feels weird
  2. I feel old at times, especially in my body
  3. I still feel like a child at other times too, and I wonder whether I will ever feel like a proper adult
  4. I can’t believe I have so much grey hair now
  5. It’s strange to wonder where the time has gone
  6. Yet when I think about it, I really have done a lot and had many amazing experiences in my time on this planet
  7. I’m happier now than I have ever been before
  8. We never really know how our life will turn out
  9. I couldn’t have planned for what has occurred in my life, and yet it’s pretty amazing that things have turned out the way they have
  10. I’m excited about the future
  11. I used to get scared about the idea of getting older, but I don’t anymore
  12. I’ve stopped searching for the right answers these days, and instead focus on asking and living the right questions
  13. I don’t regret much from my past, even though some of it really sucked at the time
  14. I still don’t fully understand people, even after I have studied psychology for 8 years, seen patients since 2010 and read over 200 psychology books
  15. I probably never will fully understand myself or someone else, and that is okay by me, as long as I keep trying to learn and grow
  16. 33 is a palindrome
  17. When I was younger, I would have seen 33 years old as “really old” and “over the hill.”
  18. I thought that I would have been a parent by now
  19. I am glad that I haven’t just tried to follow the crowd and live a traditional life
  20. I used to think it was better to receive gifts from others, now I can see how much better it is to give
  21. I worried and stressed way more than I needed to as a child
  22. I focused on my body image and appearance way too much as a teenager
  23. I’ve never really looked after myself that well when it comes to what I put into my body. This will eventually catch up to me if it hasn’t already
  24. I’ve let go of being perfect, which feels great
  25. Not everything happens for a reason, but we can learn something from everything that we go through
  26. Everyone suffers in life to some degree
  27. Everyone has baggage
  28. Life isn’t about getting the best job, house, partner, but the best one for you and your lifestyle and values
  29. No one truly knows what the future holds, and that is both exciting and scary
  30. It’s much better to only focus on trying to change what is in my control
  31. Having unconditional positive regard and compassion for others is tough to do but really rewarding if you can
  32. Living an honest and ethical life is so much less tiring in the long run than being dishonest, self-centred and egotistical
  33. There are a lot of kind people out there, and being kind to others is the best way to see it.

Thanks for reading these last three years, and happy holidays to you all!


Dr Damon Ashworth

Clinical Psychologist

Published by Dr Damon Ashworth

I am a Clinical Psychologist. I completed a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Monash University and a Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences and a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences with Honours at La Trobe University. I am passionate about the field of Psychology, and apply the latest empirical findings to best help individuals meet their psychological and emotional needs.

31 thoughts on “33 Thoughts About Turning 33

  1. Damon…..Five days from now I will turn 68 almost all of the items on your list I could also list regarding my life now. Waking up one day and year at a time. What an amazing ride it is no matter what your age. Happy Birthday

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  2. Happy Birthday great fun and truthful article. I really enjoyed it thank you for sharing your inner thoughts. Being in my fifties I have to say that list won’t change much. All you can do is embrace each day were given. Besides who really wants to feel like an adult I’d much rather always have some portion of life to be child like!

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  3. Number 25 is particularly relevant, I think, it terms of helping us see our life experiences more objectively. Happy birthday, Damon and thanks for reading my blog 🙂

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  4. Very great lessons to learn, i can tell you’re good people from reading the list. I know you’ll only become more amnd more of a warm person.

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